Wren Thistle

About me:

I am a prairie girl with a big love for the ocean. I began my career as a hand poke artist and am grateful to have been able to learn that method before transitioning to machine work as it really shaped who I am as an artist. I have so much love for everyone that has supported me along the way and I am happy to be in a situation that allows for constant learning and freedom of expression. There are endless possibilities that our industry has to offer and I am excited to see where tattooing takes me in the future.

My work is greatly inspired by folk, western, and nature themes. I pull from many traditional and illustrative styles to create a unique vibe. Flash and custom requests are both welcome as I am always open to new ideas. Growth, experimentation, and the collaboration between artist and client are my main focuses. My aim is to create an inclusive and easy environment for clients in both the booking and tattooing process.

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Le Papillon comes from the story of a french thief and his pursuit to be free in life.